Badoink VR

Badoink VR Has Excellent Taste

When it comes to premiere virtual reality pornography, Badoink VR takes the cake on almost all fronts and they always have their place in the best ten vr video production companies.

They have an extremely diverse and large collection of media that spans more than 100 movies (in contrast to some VR sites that may be limited to a single page) – that means you can always find the right immersive experience for yourself.

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On top of this, they offer headset specific videos for all the top products including the Oculus Rift (highest quality), Samsung Gear, and iPhone (lowest quality), and their download sizes reflect the high production quality that has gone into making them either 180 or 360 degrees depending on the set.

Their prices are also pretty reasonable compared to some sites, and the fact they’ve managed to make such a popular name of themselves has also helped lower the price on their videos (plus with a year membership you get a free headset!).

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