VR Bangers

VR Bangers Brings A Fresh Perspective

There is something really refreshing about a site that has such a diverse array of models (and is always growing) in terms of ethnicity and body type, and VR Bangers doesn’t disappoint.

You can search videos by the girls which is super convenient, and they are all 4K HD and 360 degrees, something that few other studios have managed. The one downside we’ve found is that they are quite overpriced for what they offer, coming in at $14.99 a month (although the more months you buy, you can also get free headsets).

Add this to the fact they have a limited collection of videos so far, and the ones they do have are below average in terms of length (average 5 minutes), and it’s pretty clear this site was designed for those who have the money to blow. Still, if you do, it’s worth it – all videos are compatible with the Oculus, Samsung Gear, and Smartphone.

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